Rhode Island Dept of Health

Rhode Island Dept of Health is the state department responsible for public health in Rhode Island, headquarters located in Providence. Rhode Island Dept of Health address is 3 Capitol Hill, Providence, Rhode Island 02908, phone number is 401-222-5960. You may use the below RI DOH phone numbers for the different health matter you are calling for.

Rhode Island Dept of Health Phone Number

Rhode Island Dept of Health main phone number: 401-222-5960
After Hours Phone: 401-276-8046
RI Relay 711
RI DOH COVID Phone Number: 401-222-8022
After hours: Call 211
COVID Email: [email protected]
Emergency Medical Services (EMS): 401-222-2401
Hearing/Speech Impaired (TTY): 1-800-745-5555

Animal Bites: 401-222-2577
Analytical Laboratory Certification: 401-222-5578
Assisted Living: 401-222-2566
Autopsy Reports: 401-222-5500
Birth Certificates: 401-222-2812
Certificate of Need: 401-222-2788
Complaint Unit: 401-222-5200
Data/Health Analysis: 401-222-2550
Death Certificates: 401-222-2812
Death Investigators: 401-222-2948
Dentists: 401-222-2828
Diseases, Communicable: 401-222-2577

Food Manager Certification: 401-222-2749
Food Protection: 401-222-2750
Food Stamps: 401-415-8200
Hairdressers 401-222-2828
Health Promotion and Wellness: 401-222-3293
Hepatitis Viral: 401-222 2320
Home Visiting: 401-222-5946
Infectious Diseases: 401-222-2577
Injury and Violence: 401-222-7627
Immunizations: 401-222-5921
Laboratory: 401-222-5600

Marriage Records: 401-222-2812
Media Inquiries: 401-222-3998
Medical Examiner’s Office: 401-222-5500
Nursing (RNs and LPNs): 401-222-5700
Nursing Assistants (CNAs): 401-222-5888
Nursing Homes: 401-222-2566
Pharmacy: 401-222-2837
Physicians: 401-222-3855
Primary Care: 401-222-1171
Private Drinking Water Well Program: 401-222-7824
Professional Licensing and Exams: 401-222-2828

Rabies: 401-222-2577
Restaurant Inspections/Complaints: 401-222-2749
Risk Assessment, Environmental Health: 401-222-3424
Serve Safe (Food Manager Certification): 401-222-2749
Professional Licensing: 401-222-2828
Telephone Survey Inquiry: 401-222-2550
Tobacco Control and Cessation: 401-222-3293
Travel Clinic (out of country): 401-793-2500
Tuberculosis: 401-222-2577

Water (drinking, bottled, pools): 401-222-6867
WIC (Women Infants Children): 401-222-5960
Women’s Cancer Screening: 401-222-4324
Worksite Safety & Health Issues: 401-222-7745

Rhode Island Dept of Health phone number where you can speak to a real person from RI DOH regarding health matters including COVID-19, vaccine, appointments, and medical insurance (Medicaid) is 401-222-5960.

Rhode Island Vaccine Appointment

Rhode Island vaccine appointment can be made if you are eligible in the state of Rhode Island by clicking here.

RI Vaccine Record

Get access to RI Vaccine Record for your personal information on immunization and vaccine in the state of Rhode Island by clicking here.

Rhode Island Dept of Health Website

You can access Rhode Island Dept of Health website, for news, updates, executive directors, and additional public health information clicking here.

Rhode Island Dept of Health Address

Rhode Island Dept of Health address where you can send official mail, documents and forms is:

Rhode Island State Department of Health (RI DOH)
3 Capitol Hill
Rhode Island 02908

Rhode Island Dept of Health Fax Number

Rhode Island Dept of Health fax number where you can send fax messages, documents, complaints, and forms using a facsimile machine is 401-222-1442.

Rhode Island Medicaid Phone Number

Rhode Island Medicaid Phone Number where you can speak to a real person regarding your Rhode Island state health insurance is 1-855-840-4774.

Rhode Island Dept of Health Services & Responsibilities

Rhode Island Dept of Health is Rhode Island state health agency providing public health services, regulation, licenses, records, and information including:

* COVID-19 Information & Vaccine Appointment
* Vital Records & Statistics (Birth, Death, Marriage, and Divorce Records)
* Infectious Disease Control
* Consumer Protection
* Emergency Preparedness and Response (Including EMS)
* State Medical Insurance
* Health and Wellness
* Laboratory Services
* Medical, Nursing, Pharmacists & Pharmacy Licenses
* and more

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