Montana Dept of Health

Montana Dept of Health is the state department responsible for public health in Montana, headquarters located in Bozeman. Montana Dept of Health address is 220 W Lamme St # 2B, Bozeman, Montana 59715, phone number is (406) 444-5622. You may use the below Montana DPHHS phone numbers for the different health matter you are calling for.

Montana Dept of Health Phone Number

Montana Dept of Health main phone number: (406) 444-5622
Montana DPHHS Director Phone Number: (406) 444-5623
Deputy Director Phone Number: (406) 444-3654
Executive Assistant Phone Number: (406) 444-5623
Administrative Assistant Phone Number: (406) 444-9772
Acting State Medical Officer Phone Number: (406) 329-1690

American Indian Health Director Phone Number: (406) 444-2943
Tribal Relations Manager Phone Number: (406) 444-1813
Legal Phone Number: (406) 444-2644
Medicaid and Health Services Branch Manager Phone Number: (406) 444-2028
Medicaid Policy Specialist Phone Number: (406) 444-2584
Operations Services Branch Manager Phone Number: (406) 444-9773
Chief Information Officer Phone Number: (406) 444-9407
Montana Medial Marijuana Program Phone Number: (406) 444-0596

Strategic Business Analyst Phone Number: (406) 444-3516
Strategic Planning, Research and Analysis Phone Number: (406) 444-5626
Operations Revenue Forecasting Specialist Phone Number: (406) 444-4529 or (406) 444-4532
Public Information Officer Phone Number: (406) 444-0936
Communications Specialist Phone Number: (406) 444-4391
Suicide Prevention Coordinator Phone Number: (406) 444-3349

Montana DPHHS Hotlines
Adult Protective Services Intake Phone Number: (844) 277-9300
Aging Services Network (Montana) Phone Number: (800) 551-3191

CDC National AIDS Hotline Phone Number: (800) 232-4646
AIDS National Hotline Phone Number: (800) 342-2437

Child Abuse Phone Number: (866) 820-5437
Child Support Enforcement Division Phone Number: (800) 346-KIDS

Children’s Special Health Services Phone Number: (800) 762-9891
Citizen’s Advocate Phone Number: (406) 444-3468

Food Stamp Hotline (food, clothing, shelter) Phone Number: (888) 706-1535
Governor’s Mental Health Ombudsman Phone Number: (888) 444-9669
Healthy Montana Kids (HMK) Hotline Phone Number: (877) KidsNow

Home Health Hotline (complaints) – Please contact Citizen’s Advocate  Phone Number: (406) 444-3468
Legislative Auditor Hotline Phone Number: (800) 222-4446
Montana Healthcare Programs Help Line Phone Number: (800) 362-8312

Medicaid Fraud and Abuse Phone Number: (800) 201-6308
Medicaid Prior Authorization Hotline Phone Number: (800) 262-1545
Out of State Hospital (Mountain-Pacific Quality Health Foundation) Phone Number: (800) 497-8232
Medicaid Provider Hotline Phone Number: (800) 624-3958
Medicaid Travel (Mountain-Pacific Quality Health Foundation) Phone Number: (800) 292-7114
Mental Disabilities Board of Visitors Phone Number: (406) 444-3955
Mental Health Ombudsman Office Phone Number: (888) 444-9669
Mental Health Services Help Line Phone Number: (888) 866-0328
Montana Legal Services Association Phone Number: (800) 666-6899
Montana Telecommunications Access Program Phone Number: 1(800) 833-8503 (V,TTY)

Montana Warm Line Phone Number: (877) 688-3377
Passport Member Help Line Phone Number: (800) 362-8312
Poison Control Phone Number: (800) 222-1222
State Health and Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) Phone Number: (800) 551-3191
State Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program (Montana) Phone Number: (800) 332-2272
Social Security Card Phone Number: (800) 772-1213
Tobacco Quit Line Phone Number: (866) 485-QUIT

WIC Hotline Phone Number: (800) 433-4298

Montana Dept of Health phone number where you can speak to a real person from Montana DPHHS regarding health matters including COVID-19, vaccine, appointments, and medical insurance (Medicaid) is (406) 444-5622.

Montana Vaccine Appointment

Montana vaccine appointment can be made if you are eligible in the state of Montana by clicking here.

Montana Immunization Records

Get access to Montana Immunization Records for your personal information on immunization and vaccine in the state of Montana by clicking here.

Montana Dept of Health Website

You can access Montana Dept of Health website, for news, updates, executive directors, and additional public health information clicking here.

Montana Dept of Health Address

Montana Dept of Health address where you can send official mail, documents and forms is:

Montana State Department of Health (Montana DPHHS)
220 W Lamme St # 2B
Montana 59715

Montana Dept of Health Fax Number

Montana Dept of Health fax number where you can send fax messages, documents, complaints, and forms using a facsimile machine is (406) 444-1970.

Montana Medicaid Phone Number

Montana Medicaid Phone Number where you can speak to a real person regarding your Montana state health insurance is 1-888-706-1535.

Montana Dept of Health Services & Responsibilities

Montana Dept of Health is Montana state health agency providing public health services, regulation, licenses, records, and information including:

* COVID-19 Information & Vaccine Appointment
* Vital Records & Statistics (Birth, Death, Marriage, and Divorce Records)
* Infectious Disease Control
* Consumer Protection
* Emergency Preparedness and Response (Including EMS)
* State Medical Insurance
* Health and Wellness
* Laboratory Services
* Medical, Nursing, Pharmacists & Pharmacy Licenses
* and more is a free information hub for Montana Dept of Health and all states dept of health. This website is completely independent, not affiliated with any of the federal or state’s government offices, agencies, boards, bureau, or commission.

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